The battle of Narvik

During two months between 9th of April and the 8th of June 1940, about 32.500 soldiers fought in the air, at sea and in the mountains in the Narvik and Ofoten region. Narvik was invaded in order to gain control over the strategically valuable port on its southside shore, from where large scale shipments of iron ore took place. These important resources were sent by train from the mines in Kiruna, Sweden, and access was vital for the German war industry.

On the 28th of May Norwegian forces alongside Polish, French and English troops beat the Germans and Narvik was retaken. This was HitlerĀ“s first major setback in the Second World War. The naval battle in the Ofotfjord was the largest in the Atlantic Ocean during the war. 64 ships and boats were sunk.

Storyline NOR will in cooperation with Nordisk Film/Egmont and Filmcamp produce a TV-series about these dramatic days and weeks where 8500 soldiers and civilians lost their lives.